About the author

Kim Langley

Stories have been in Kim Langley’s mind forever!  From an early age, she would take herself off on a London Routemaster Bus, along with her younger brother, Steven, to central London.

Here they would spend their time in the museums exploring the magnificent halls, fascinated by the amazing curiosities on display in grand wooden cabinets. They would make up stories about exhibits when they had no idea what they were. Those musty corridors allowed them to dream of long-gone days and a future yet to arrive.

The greyness of London swapped on Sundays, day trips to the countryside or to watch the ocean in nearby seaside towns. Those long walks made a lasting impression on her, and she joined Green Peace as soon as she was old enough. Kim developed a love of cars as her father had one rickety car after another. Watching the repairs of cars alongside motorbikes, and the sound and smell of roaring engines is a memory which will stay with her forever.

During her time in London, she started training as a medical scientist even though her other passions were art and reading, especially fantasy and Sc-Fi literature. She was advised by her careers teacher that there was no money in those careers. The teacher advised her it would be better to work at the supermarket being a child who grew up in social housing!

Kim juggled raising four children and night school to go on to graduate with a BSc in Chemistry and studied for an MSc in Molecular Genetics. However, widowed, she changed her career to teaching science. In 2009 she moved to the dreamy Cotswolds and lives with her husband and their two dogs, River and Darcie. It is during her long walks and doing art she dreams of adventures, plots and storylines for the books she loves to write.