Its been an exciting day!

What can I say, its nearly all stations go! I have just been looking at the back of Joshua Appleby and the Flaming Sword … here is a peek!

Joshua Appleby has always felt ordinary, but everything is about to change. As he approaches his thirteenth birthday he is tormented by nightmares and starts seeing animals that no one else seems to notice. He soon discovers the reason for this is that – He has Earth Magic. ….

Hello Readers!

Exciting news about the novel Joshua Appleby and The Flaming Sword.

The pen has finished, the book is ready for all my lovely readers. The artwork is ready. Now it’s time for you to get lost in reading the adventure of Joshua Appleby and the world of Earth Magic.  

So excited! The book will be both paperback and Ebook.

The blurb at the back starts with ……

Joshua looked into the deep amber eyes of the white wolf and knew his life would change forever.

Earth Magic is real. And its power can be frightening.

Will release a little more over the week.