What a week

Well apart from the UK’s comings and going on the political stage, I have had a very industrious week!
Nearly finished the third book in the series of Joshua Appleby and Sigrid’s lantern. Thinking how awful it is to say goodbye to one of the characters. But the story has to be true to its self. As the nights draw in it gives an atmospheric feeling in the room I write in. Those dark shadows are spooky! I think of Joshua and his new found power (yes, he has discovered a new power, is it good or a bane?), Milly has a romance within the darkness, but will it last or lead to sorrow? Will Sophia be able to battle darkness and keep to the law of Dark Magic? Not forgetting the magical creatures. Will the white wolf Sylvester Blueksky be able to recover from an ancient law he had to upkeep at the cost of his friendship. How will Prudence and Gertie react to the newcomers? Its a melting pot with an thrilling ride to the ending. Hope to release this book early next year so look out for the date. Closing the curtains now and lighting to fire to get the last few chapters done.

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